Committed to Comradery

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For the International Week of Happiness at Work, so far we’ve looked at our commitment to our employees’ health and careers. Ultimately though, one of the main things that decides whether you enjoy your work or not is the people you are surrounded by.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) found that healthy work relationships promote well-being and increase work efficiency. At Venn Group, comradery between colleagues is at the heart of our business, as we adopt a team-based approach to recruitment.

Our team structure has obvious benefits for business overall, such as ensuring that our clients and candidates will always be able to speak to someone who is invested in and understands their circumstances. However, its advantages transcend beyond this into our workplace culture. Being part of a team means that even on the difficult days – which are inevitable in any career – you have an immediate support network to help you through. Our team commission scheme also adds a tangible financial incentive for your colleagues and management to encourage and work towards your success. This all facilitates a truly collaborative culture; one that makes for a social and rewarding working environment for any new starter.

Our consultants are always quick to praise our welcoming, social working environment as one of the things they enjoy most about life at Venn Group:

“The social aspect to Venn Group is great. Monthly team nights, unit nights and Christmas parties provide a welcome opportunity to switch off and enjoy ourselves.”

Andy Ferguson – Senior Executive Consultant

“From day one, you are part of a team that is built on trust and are consistently offered advice and support on every element of recruitment, which comes in handy if the day isn’t going your way. Not only do you benefit from constant support during the day, but you also have a whole team to head out with for various team and floor nights, ranging from clubs, bars and meals in great locations.”

Abigail Brown – Executive Consultant

 “There is always something social going on, whether it be a charity day, team and unit nights or Fizzy Friday at the end of the month, which gives you a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues outside of work. I would recommend joining Venn Group to anyone."

Katie Pepper – Executive Consultant


If you are looking for a new role within a social and supportive team-based environment, we’d be thrilled to discuss a career at Venn Group with you. Please email to hear more about the vacancies within our offices.

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