Logistics Case Study: Perfectly Matched Expertise

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Following a successful meeting with a large national Warehousing and Transport services company, Venn Group’s Logistics & Supply Chain division were appointed to source a Transport Planner for the organisation. We succeeded not once but twice, as the high calibre of candidates motivated the client to appoint two.

The client had earned a reputation for providing effective solutions to all kinds of logistical problems within a variety of businesses. It was therefore of critical importance that the successful appointee matched the high expectations and demands of their customers.

Priorities supported

  • Limited timescales meant that the recruitment process, including vetting and due diligence, had to be efficient, along with taking into account the requirement for short notice periods
  • National know-how was required by all potential candidates to ensure they could confidently service the client’s UK network
  • Shift work necessitated candidates to have a flexible approach to working hours
  • Ability to hit the ground running was a prerequisite for candidates, as the client’s deadlines meant a bedding in period would affect their efficiency

Experience applied

  • Team infrastructure allowed the lead consultant to pull on the resources of their team, meaning the collective knowledge, skill and experience of six people was launched
  • Effective recruitment planning allowed us to schedule in key benchmarks with the client to ensure the recruitment didn’t stall
  • National network of sector specialists provided access to candidates all over the country who could be shortlisted or introduce us to their recommendations
  • Pro-active screening means our candidate database is primed with candidates who have had their initial vetting, enabling consultants to move straight to shortlisting and pre-screening interviews
  • Client knowledge gained from our meeting with the hiring managers prior to recruiting meant all five CVs submitted were taken to interview
  • Perfectly matched expertise and character meant one role become two, after the client was highly impressed by two candidates

“We were impressed with all the candidates put forward…They were just the right character and calibre for the role, we could see them all working here. The team had clearly listened, they had researched and selected the right people. That’s not my usual experience of dealing with recruitment agencies.”

Finance & HR Manager

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