The Final Countdown

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This year has gone incredibly quickly, and it is now only four weeks until I head out to Portugal to compete in the 2019 KSI European Karate Championships, which is really exciting but also very scary!

Since my last update I have been in constant training, all while maintaining my billing as an Executive Consultant; which hasn’t been an easy feat. Early morning runs, gym sessions, technical training and kata practice have taken place alongside the catch-up calls, job placements, compliance and candidate generation that form my working week.

As the England squad and I enter the final countdown to the European Championships, there is plenty more training to come. For example, this coming weekend I will be doing over 9 hours of karate practice, so apologies to my manager in advance if I am a little more tired than usual on Monday morning! As well as squad weekend sessions, I have club practice, individual practice and one final tournament before I head out to Portugal; the SKF Kimura Cup National Championships 2019 on September 28th.

Although balancing work and karate can be difficult, it really helps to be surrounded by my team of ‘supporters’ in the office during this period of physical and mental preparation. As Portugal gets closer and closer, one of my Venn Group colleagues recently said something that has really resonated with me:

Yeah there are a few big tournaments coming up, but at the end of the day whether its training down the road or the European Championships, it’s still just a mat and an opponent; everything else is just noise. You owe it to all the hours you’ve put in this year to go out there and enjoy it and treat anything else as a bonus!”

No matter what the results are, my main aim is to make my Venn Group colleagues and squad teammates proud.

I would like to once again thank all the coaches, instructors and members of the SKF England Squad for their belief in me and, of course, Venn Group for their continued sponsorship and support. I look forward to updating you all with my results in the next two competitions!

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