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Venn Group is delighted to announce its support for the UK manufacturing sector by re-investing in 16 Mini Coopers for our regional office network. Supplied by Lancaster BMW and Mini dealership, the replacement of the Mini fleet serves to highlight the Board’s confidence in its staff and the wider UK economy.

Since our inception in 2001, our focus has gone beyond just filling jobs. Powered by insight and recruitment expertise, we make it personal. While we are continuing to invest in new technology to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible, our business is and always will be fundamentally about people. For this reason, it is important to keep the human element to our operations, and being mobile is a huge part of that.

No matter where our clients may be based, we want to ensure they get the same personal service that has enabled us to build long-standing relationships with businesses and professionals in a variety of sectors. By maintaining a fleet of regional office pool cars, Venn Group can provide an agile and responsive service to both clients and contractors.

As with everything we do, our choices regarding the new fleet were thought out and meticulously researched. We made a distinct effort to choose cars made in the UK, carrying on our tradition of supporting the UK automotive manufacturing industry for the last 10 years. Furthermore, the wellbeing of our staff is our utmost priority, so it was critical the vehicles had state of the art safety provisions. These include intelligent emergency calling, auto-activating hazard warning lights and advanced braking technology.

Finally, our environmental footprint was something we were keen manage while still maintaining the safety of our staff. Due to localised charging point restrictions, it was not feasible to migrate to an all-electric fleet, although the new engines are 10% more efficient than before.

We look forward to utilising this investment to meet candidates and clients from across the country.

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