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Congratulations to Renay Demoore, who has been promoted to Manager within our Technology division. To celebrate this fantastic achievement, we asked for comment from Renay, her Senior Manager, Antony Johnson and Director, Tim Dixon:


“Renay was part of the original start-up team that moved to Reading in 2016, where she quickly adapted and developed the technical knowledge required alongside her existing recruitment expertise; an essential skill to succeed in our sector. 

Renay has worked tirelessly to enhance Venn Group’s reputation within large corporate businesses, regularly muscling out entrenched and more established recruitment companies. She is a critical part of Reading’s ‘analytics led’ services that we use as our route to market. 

Clients that were once single users have now become consistent and high value customers. We look forward to seeing how these relationships continue to develop under Renay’s expert guidance.”

Tim Dixon – Director


“Renay’s promotion to Manager is a fitting reward for someone who has shown such perseverance, determination and dedication to ensuring a job well done.

She has proved that she can not only lead effectively during times of plenty, but has demonstrated that she can inspire those around her when the circumstances are more challenging. Her industriousness is contagious, which has been demonstrated in her team’s performance this year.

Renay has played a key role in developing her team’s confidence and ability as well as that of the wider office. Both candidates and clients alike are impressed by her ability to calmly navigate their recruitment processes, and she is a voice of trust and reason to them as well as her colleagues.

Everyone here is thrilled that Renay’s contribution has been recognised in her promotion and we all look forward to working with her and seeing her achieve even more in the coming years.”

Antony Johnson – Senior Manager


“I started my career at Venn Group in February 2016, originally based out of the Slough office focusing on financial recruitment; this is when I knew Venn Group and recruitment was the place for me. Since then, I have had the opportunity to be a part of our Technology hub’s growth and development and this is where I got the taste for management. It was a challenge to change industry and directors just after finding my feet in finance, but I am so glad and grateful that I took the leap into technology and into a role where I lead a team.

It has been a pleasure to manage the consultants on my team and I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work and determination during my climb to management. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the team.

I can’t thank Tim, Antony, Jodie and the division enough for their support and encouragement throughout the whole process, picking me up when hard times hit. I am lucky to have a director and managers in my unit and office that have invested in my development too.

I am learning new things every day and am really looking forward to the challenge ahead! Bring on 2020!”

Renay Demoore

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