10 years at Venn Group for Paul Hayward

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On Friday, Paul Hayward celebrated 10 years working at Venn Group in the company of Philip Hanna and Deirdra Moynihan, with a meal at Sketch Lecture Room. We asked Paul for an overview of his time at Venn Group so far:


“I initially worked for Keith Wilmott at B&C 20 years ago, before he left with Alexander and Deirdra to set up Venn Group. We stayed in contact and I joined him again 10 years later as Head of Payroll at Venn. Over the years I have had responsibility for the Team Administrator’s, Facilities, Credit Control, Compliance, Application Support, IT, MI reporting, Payroll, and that small line at the end of the job description that says ‘adhoc matters’; which always seems to take up a larger amount of time than anything else.

There have been many people that have helped my development during my time at Venn. In particular, Keith has shown me how sheer enthusiasm and determination can make some very bizarre, and very successful things take place when common sense says they shouldn’t work.

Through what I’ve learnt at Venn Group, the advice I would give to others would be to put time into building the right teams with the right leaders around you, as they will have your back when needed.


Congratulations Paul!

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