Celebrations at The Shard

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Yesterday, Philip Hanna and Deirdra Moynihan hosted the first of two celebration meals; recognising those who showed an outstanding performance over the last six months. The first of these took place yesterday for our top consultants, overlooking London at the Shangri-La Hotel in The Shard.

Congratulations to all the attendees; Samantha Marshall, Leah Holder, Ross Imrie, Jamie John, Louis Pearson, Daniel Sharp, David Harney, Laura Crosby, Jason Woodhouse, Tom Allander, Shane Callaghan, Paul Ondore, Celia Jarvis, Chloe Doger De Speville, Leonie Williams, Samuel Cornwell, Piraan Bandorawalla and Elliza Dwyer.

We hope you all had a fantastic afternoon!

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