Commissioning Case Study: A Smooth Transition

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Following an internal referral, Venn Group were approached by a Deputy Director of Commissioning to find a Children’s Therapies Mobilisation Manager for a busy NHS CCG. After the successful placement and completion of the initial contract, we were able to reassign the candidate to another team by identifying a skills match to their personnel requirement.

This provided both candidate and organisation with a seamless transition and ensured knowledge was shared across departments.

Priorities supported

  • Extensive expertise within mobilisation and commissioning was necessary, along with knowledge of how to deal with the complex situations the teams were often tasked with
  • Urgent need due to the pressing deadline of the initial project
  • Ability to hit the ground running was a prerequisite for candidates, as the client’s deadlines meant a bedding in period would affect their efficiency
  • Cross-department knowledge gap meant the team hiring for the second assignment were unaware of the resources already within the organisation

Experience applied

  • Job specification consultation was provided to ensure the client attracted the right candidates
  • Offer and acceptance within 24 hours was achieved by combining all resources of the team to quickly shortlist for initial role and set up telephone interviews for the next day
  • Organisation knowledge ensured we quickly referred the candidate already placed at the organisation to ensure a swift and seamless process
  • Candidate relationship enabled us to confidently represent our candidate knowing they had the right skill set for both contracts
  • Proactive referencing meant we could circumnavigate a lengthy internal process, as our candidate’s compliance was up to date

“Venn Group has an excellent reputation with the clients and from my experience the consultants are responsive, reliable and supportive. They have also identified appropriate roles which are really good fit for my skill mix.”

CHC Commissioning Support Manager

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