Recruitment in the face of Brexit

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Following the announcement of a Brexit ‘flextension’ until 31st January, Venn Group looks back on the last year and presents this report on economic conditions in the recruitment industry. As the ‘Pre-Brexit’ period edges closer to expiry - perhaps - how have salary levels and contract lengths for accountancy and finance roles been changing during the last 12 months?

Accountancy and finance professionals play a central role in the overall functioning of the British economy. Following the Brexit referendum, many feared its result might dampen the continuing growth of these disciplines. In practice, our teams have found there to be surprisingly little impact on this subsector’s recruitment overall; though this could be set to change in the light of what happens in the coming months.

As well as showing average salaries for a variety of finance roles, this report explores which skills and expertise are most sought after by hiring managers. Tellingly, across the UK the longest retained contracts are for Financial Analysts, suggesting that many organisations regard skilled scrutiny of data as an absolute prerequisite for effective planning. Anticipating Brexit – in whatever form and whenever it occurs – employers are looking to build knowledge of all possible outcomes. The resulting scenarios enable their finance departments to prepare for any potential future challenges and develop resilient risk strategies.

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