Hannah Fritz-Lewis Promotion

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Congratulations to Hannah Fritz-Lewis, who has been promoted to Manager of our Midlands Local Government team. To celebrate this fantastic achievement, we asked for comment from Hannah and her Associate Director.


“I’m absolutely delighted to see Hannah promoted to Manager of our Midlands Local Government team.

I have had the pleasure of working with Hannah for the last 6 years. During this time, she has established herself as an excellent Consultant in the Local Government sector and has a passion for this niche market. She has now developed and enhanced her skills towards developing and leading a team, to expand their presence in the sector across the Midlands region.

Hannah has always worked incredibly hard throughout her career at Venn and thoroughly deserves this promotion to Manager.

Congratulations Hannah, this is a brilliant achievement and I look forward to seeing what you can achieve in the next 6 years and beyond!”

Emma Walker – Associate Director



“I have worked at Venn Group for 6 years, which sounds like a long time, but has actually gone quite quickly!

I started my Venn journey on the Public Sector Legal team, where I specifically focused on Local Government recruitment. After learning the market in this area, I was given the opportunity to establish my own team; the “Local Government Specialist” team for the Midlands, where we cover all key interim sectors.  

Since making this move, I have had the privilege to watch and contribute to the growth of the team and the consultants, who have all developed into knowledgeable recruiters in their own right and business area specialists.

From new Consultant to Manager of a growing team, I have been consistently supported by Venn. I would like to give a particular mention to my Director, Emma Walker who has been a mentor to me throughout my time here and who has always been on hand to provide words of wisdom wherever needed. Thank you for your continued support.”

Hannah Fritz-Lewis

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