Reflecting on our One SEND Seminar

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Vision for SEND

SEND services nationally are facing increased financial pressures and a growing cohort of pupils requiring Education Health and Care (EHC) Plans. Local Authorities are therefore having to rethink their delivery models to ensure that they can provide outstanding services to children and young people.

The One SEND programme in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster City Council set out with a clear aim and vision, to take the councils on a journey to become the number one SEND services nationally. This was to be achieved through fast-paced digital transformation, process improvement and cultural change, with service users at its core.

Valuable Knowledge Sharing

‘I did not know that there was a useful SEND product on the market, and it was so encouraging to see the use of change management, as it is mostly missed and SEND need it more than most.’ - London Borough SEND Leader

Venn Group have proudly supported the delivery of this programme by providing the culture and change expertise to embed the transformations this project has delivered.

As a result of the programme’s positive impact, we recently hosted a Breakfast Seminar with SEND Leaders from London boroughs to learn more about the key factors that made this project a success and discuss the wider challenges faced in the sector.

“The seminar was an excellent opportunity to share best practice to tackle the challenges we all face in trying to deliver the best SEND services to our children and young people. This community of practice started a vibrant discussion with senior-level SEND professionals from a wide range of local authorities, a discussion which we hope to continue in the future.” - Vik Verma, One SEND Programme Director

The Best for Children & Families

‘This seminar was so informative and valuable and has filled me with hope for the future of our SEND Services.’ - London Borough SEND Leader

Moving forward there is hope for SEND services across the country as demonstrated by the One SEND transformation. The seminar provided an opportunity for senior-level SEND professionals to reflect and learn from each other which proved invaluable.

“Reflecting on this project with a group of other SEND professionals was a really useful and interesting exercise that showed how much we can all learn from one another, and how useful it is - even in our very busy lives - to pause and knowledge share. I hope that we will have many more opportunities to learn from one another and think about how best to tackle the challenges all authorities are facing in order to deliver the best services to children and families” - Deborah Brooks, One SEND Change and Culture Lead

Venn Group intend to continue supporting our Local Government clients through our delivery of services and mobilising our network in a host of upcoming events, seminars and workshops to boost these interactions across the market.

A special thanks to Vik Verma and Deborah Brooks for their excellent presentation and invaluable insight into the work and achievements of Bi-Borough’s One SEND service.

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If you would like to learn more about our services within the area of SEND and social care, or to discuss the One SEND programme further, please contact our Local Government team on 0207 557 7667 or email

One SEND Case Study

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