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In a time where the future of our climate is unknown,Venn Group as part of London Bridge BID went to The Cup Fund Launch to learn more about their #2millionchallenge. The event brought awareness to the launch of an area-wide cup recycling scheme in our district. What we learnt at this event was that even if you put your coffee cup in a recycling bin, it will not make a difference, the coffee cups need to go in a bin specifically catered to them. This is where the recycling experts at Paper Round come in. Alongside Team London Bridge and Better Bankside, they have created an improved public bin infrastructure. Their aim? To recycle 2 million paper coffee cups in 2020.

Here are some facts that are quite astounding;

•             8 million disposable coffee cups are thrown away every day in the UK, only 4% of these cups are recycled.
•             Outside London Bridge Station alone, 29% of wastage are coffee cups.

So, how can businesses help get these numbers down? Well here’s our key takeaways from attending this event.

1.            Pushing reusables within your office

Even though the organisations at this event were talking about the recycling bins, they also want to make sure we push the reusable cup issue. They are so easy to bring along with you, however a big percentage of us forget to use them. The incentive that you get a discount on your coffee if you do, must bypass a lot of people, but for those who need their morning coffee fix you can save up to £120 every year with just one small change.

2.            Order a recycling bin

Order a bespoke recycling bin for your workplace; this can help to mitigate those times when people forget their reusable coffee cups. The stats show that 68% of people want these bins at work, and at the Manchester and Leeds launch they made a huge difference in universities, hospitals and the workplace.

3.            Become a more sustainable business

Paper Round offer free seminars on how you can keep improving recycling across all water streams and how to become a more sustainable company through small daily habits. We at Venn Group supply each of our employees with a reusable water bottle, so we are trying to be more conscious about this issue.

Recycling has evolved over the last 10-15 years and changing our behaviours around coffee cup use and recycling is a critical daily habit change that will make a big impact. So, if you see a big orange bin with a smiley face on it (yes, they intentionally put it on there), then make sure to put your coffee cup in it. These bins will be placed all around London Bridge, near coffee shops and hubs.

If everyone does this one little thing every day, those little things will eventually make big changes.

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