New Year, New Job - Get your CV Application Ready

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As we enter a new decade, many will be considering starting the year with a change in their career.

Before actually taking the step of applying for jobs, you will need to update your CV. It will be critical that you stand out in the crowd, and your CV is the usually the first opportunity to do so in the recruitment process. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure it is the perfect example of why you’re the candidate for the job.

The right additions

Of course, you will need to add in your most recent role to your employment history. While at the outset this might seem an easy task, once you approach it you may find it more difficult than expected. You need to master the art of being focused, whilst giving the appropriate detail that your skills deserve.

To ensure you include the right points, take a minute before approaching your CV to really think not only about your role’s tasks, but specifically what you have achieved as a result of these. Hiring managers will care more about wider outcomes than your day to day activities.

Good tailoring

Ideally, your CV should be different for every job application, but this is especially the case where you have varying career interests. Before applying for a role, take a look at the job description alongside your CV and check you have highlighted the experience you have that matches their requirements.

To really emphasise these points, make sure you place them near the top of your sections so it’s one of the first things the reader sees. This is the easiest way to show the hiring manager that you are person for the job.

Proofread to perfection

While it is critical to get the content of the CV right, it is equally as important to make sure it is written and spelt correctly. Even if there’s only a single mistake, grammatical and spelling errors can be a total disqualifier for many hiring managers.

At the early stages of the recruitment process, the CV is the sole representation of you. Mistakes could indicate that you either did not care enough about the role to proofread, or that you have a poor attention to detail which could prove a hindrance in the workplace. This is such an easy thing to avoid, so always make sure you do a thorough read through of your CV once you have completed all the necessary changes, or better yet, get a friend or family member to check over it to get another perspective.

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