New Year, New Job - Moving on

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Having updated your CV, sent out your applications, worked with recruiters and attended interviews, you may now be in the position to accept an offer. This is seen as the culmination of the recruitment process, however, there are still a number of steps to manoeuvre before you start your new role.


Sometimes, as thrilled as you are to receive an offer from your employer of choice, there may be scope for further discussions upon receiving your offer. The most common of these is with regards to salary. Many roles will have a wider salary bracket as opposed to a fixed figure, which opens a necessary dialogue.

Even though money is a critical factor for some, it is important to approach these discussions fairly and professionally. If you are working with a recruiter, they will often conduct salary negotiations on your behalf and should be able to offer an insight on what is a realistic request, due to their in-depth knowledge of the client. If you are a direct applicant, make sure you can back up your reasoning for your salary preference in case this is asked.

Handing in your Resignation

Once you have formalised your offer and a start date has been set, it’s time to tell your current employer. While this can be daunting, it is important to hand in your notice in a respectful way and give you employer the opportunities to learn from your decision and also plan for your departure.

Working your Notice

If you and your line manager agree that you will work your notice period, it is incredibly important to not let your effort drop during these weeks. You should adopt the same willingness and mindset to your final days as you did your first, as while first impressions are important, those you leave with will undoubtedly last longer.

More than anything, you owe it to the company to leave them in the best position possible, as the experience you have gained with them is likely to have played a key part in you achieving your new post. Avoid burning any bridges and ensure your team are prepared with a thorough handover before you move to pastures new.

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