New Year, New Job - How to be a Recruiter's First Call

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Recruitment consultants have a valuable offering for anyone looking for a job. First of all, they do not charge for a service that often goes beyond sourcing roles and submitting applications on your behalf. Consultants coordinate diaries to arrange interviews, process documentation and manage contracts, whilst also acting in an advisory capacity and providing interview guidance, CV tips and assistance in salary negotiations.

While consultants will always represent the best candidates for roles they are working on, they will be even more inclined to go the extra mile for those who prove themselves to be reliable. Here are a few ways to make sure you are top of their list when the right vacancies arise.

Maintain Professionalism

Ultimately, recruiters do not make the decision as to who their clients hire. However, any lack of professionalism on your part means they are unlikely to recommend you to clients for roles in the first place. The mantra of ‘treat recruiters how you would treat your interviewers’ will get you far. Moreover, for introductory meetings with consultants, approach them as you would a first-round interview. Dress smartly, know your CV inside out and be prepared to talk in depth about your priorities for your next career move. Most importantly, be personable and present your best self.

Always Listen

Recruitment consultants have the benefit of speaking to hiring managers day in day out, and so have a plethora of knowledge on what they are looking for in an applicant. In addition, it is absolutely in their interests to secure you a role, with reputational and financial incentives. Therefore, if they make suggestions at any point during the recruitment process - whether on your CV, interview techniques or your presentation - these should be taken on board.

No Ghosting

As prevalent in the recruitment world as it is in your personal life, ghosting is one of the biggest bugbears for consultants. It is completely understandable that circumstances may change during your job hunt that mean you are no longer looking. Nevertheless, it is incredibly important to keep recruiters in the loop with any updates as opposed to stopping contact with no explanation.

Having an open dialogue with consultants is essential; in essence, the better they know you and your situation the more likely you are to get an outcome, now or in the future, that is perfect for you.

If you are looking for a new role, our team of specialist consultants would be delighted to support you in your job search. Please contact our regional offices using the contact details here.

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