David Febrero: 10 Year Anniversary

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Last week, Venn Group celebrated David Febrero's 10 year anniversary with the company. We asked him some quick fire questions to get to know a bit more about him.


If you could go back on your first day at Venn Group, what would you tell yourself?

Stan isn’t as bad as you thought in the interview.


What is your morning routine before work?

It can be quite hectic some days. My usual is get dressed, fight with the kids to get them out of the house and drop our eldest daughter at school for 7.30am. Then fight the traffic on the way into Leeds arriving around 8.15am.


What would your ideal weekend be?

A trip away to somewhere relaxing with the family. Although, if it includes some alcohol and a Sheffield United victory, I am easily pleased.


Your biggest achievement at Venn?

Being promoted to a Manager in my 3rd year is a natural one to pick. However, I have seen a few of my colleagues promoted to senior positions, with some guidance from me along the way which is great to see.


Do you listen to music or a podcast on your way to work, if so what?

Talksport is generally always on in my car. Music wise, Arctic Monkeys or Kings of Leon will generally be on at some point too


Are you an optimist or a realist?



A beach holiday or a city break?

City break


What is your lunch on the go?

Simple sandwich and crisps


What is the best piece of advice you have been given at Venn group?

Have a break every 3 months. I have really enjoyed my 10 years at Venn but recruitment in general can be mentally tough. Have a short (or ideally long) holidays every 3 months to break it up. Also, don’t use your holidays too early, you’ll kick yourself in December.

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