Milton Keynes Office and Harry's Rainbow

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Alongside our corporate charity this year, Young Women's Trust. Each office has chosen a charity where they can make more of an impact and use their volunteering days locally. The Milton Keynes office have chosen Harry's Rainbow.


Why we chose Harry’s Rainbow:

Beth Conway, a consultant in the office suggested Harry’s Rainbow, she knew Harry, who was the little boy that passed away and who this Charity is named after. This is what she had to say about Harry’s Rainbow:

“My mum worked at the nursery that Harry attended, so I met him when he was around 4 years old. He was an extremely happy and welcoming little boy, being friendly to staff and children within the class. His death was so sudden, he went from bad to worse extremely quickly which was a huge shock not only for his parents, but for his twin sister Jessica. Harry’s Mum, Odette, started a charity to support children and young people who have lost a parent or sibling because she understood first-hand the importance of a support network when dealing with something so tragic. It took them a long time to come to terms with what happened as you can imagine, the school that Harry attended opened ‘Harry’s Garden’ in honour of such this happy little boy. This charity does incredible work to provide support and advice to families going through bereavement and put on events to encourage socialising too – it is a real heart-warming community at Harry’s Rainbow.”

Alongside the emotional connection with this charity, the Milton Keynes office wanted to support a small local charity that doesn’t get much exposure where they could really make a difference.


About Harry’s Rainbow:

They support children and young people in the Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, who have been bereaved of a parent or sibling. As well as providing information and guidance on their website and social networking sites, they provide various bereavement support services. These include regular support groups, activities and trips, and individual tailored support, as appropriate.

The support package they provide is predominantly built to support the bereaved child, but all activities consider the whole family to ensure that parents and carers are involved and feel supported as a result. This also includes the larger extended family where there may be step siblings and parents. The various services they provide are designed to ensure that bereaved children are supported in the grieving process.




Children, young people and their families who have been bereaved through the loss of a significant loved one such as a parent or sibling.


Access to support and advice. Recreational and leisure activities to children and young people in order to improve their conditions of life and to reduce the isolation felt during bereavement, by facilitating contact with other children and young people.


Public awareness of the need for support and guidance and providing access to information about coping with bereavement.
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