Stand Out, Skill Up Webinar

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Last week in partnership with Young Women’s Trust, we hosted our second webinar “Stand Out, Skill Up”. This session shared our insights and suggestions on how to tackle the ever changing job market, during and following this crisis, which hopefully provided some encouragement and reassurance to the participants.

On the hottest day of the year so far the event was well attended and we were delighted by the high levels engagement from all present. 

Lydia, the Participation Manager at Young Women’s Trust said "At a time when young women feel incredibly confused about their future, Venn Group have provided them with useful information to navigate the current job market and take back control over decisions about work. They've also shared helpful tips on how to strengthen their CV in the current climate. We are incredibly thankful for the time Venn have spent preparing and delivering these webinars.”

We asked Rula Tripolitaki, who hosted the webinar with Jade Gorrod and has been pivotal in this empowering employment initiative to outline the concept for this webinar. She said “The job market may be disconcerting for many at the moment, particularly for disadvantaged groups and young women who are joining the workforce for the first time, or navigating their careers through this uncertain time. Our ‘Stand up, Skill Up’ webinar was an opportunity for us to provide a toolkit to make that journey easier and more effective. The market is different, but it’s still very active and increasingly so. Many new opportunities have arisen in recent months as businesses pivot and embrace changing demands, so it follows that those looking for work do not to underestimate themselves in exploring the new!”

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