CCS RM6160 Framework: A year of success, supply and service

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A year ago Venn Group was one of only two agencies to be awarded all lot supply on the CCS Framework RM6160.

The recognition and trust in our ability to provide recruitment solutions to each and every Lot, has meant over the course of the year we have partnered with many new organisations, as well as continuing to collaborate and build on the partnerships we already had in place. 2020 has been and continues to be an unprecedented year and our place on the framework has enabled us to share our experience and knowledge in recruitment to assist our clients at this crucial time. We have been part of the mobilisation of new teams and resources, whilst also strengthening our business as usual relationships across the Healthcare sector.

Last year we appointed Mike Range as lead on this contract to oversee our performance, and his commitment to engaging with contract users has ensured public and third sector buyers in the UK save time and money, whilst always receiving the excellent service we are known for.

Mike Range commented on his year as Head of Projects. 

“Over the last 12 months we have used the RM6160 Non Clinical Temporary and Fixed Term Staff framework extensively across the NHS in England and Wales. As an “all Lot” supplier we have successfully delivered staffing solutions from Band2 to VSM in all non-clinical areas across NHS providers, commissioners and national bodies. As well as the NHS, we have also begun to see further utilisation and uptake of the framework across the Wider Public Sector. Utilising the framework has enabled us to rapidly deploy skilled workers, with full checks in line with NHS Employers Standards and pre-agreed rate cards in line with the NHSI caps. During the last few months in particular the framework enabled us to effectively and rapidly deploy key resources to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, including at NHS Nightingale sites and Public Health England. We would like to give our thanks to all our public sector clients and candidates, and we look forward to further use of the RM6160 framework in the NHS and Wider Public Sector over the next 12 months.”


This success achieved so far in 2020 is testament to the hard work, commitment and service our consultants have provided to this sector, which in turn has been rewarded by the loyalty our clients and candidates have shown to us. To this end we thank everyone who has worked with us and for us and we look forward to our second year on the CCS framework.

If you would like to discuss our supply to the CCS Framework RM6160 as a complete staffing resource:

Lot 1 Admin & Clerical
Lot 2 Corporate Functions
Lot 3 IT Professionals
Lot 4 Legal Supply
Lot 5 Clinical Coding
Lot 6 Ancillary Staff

Please contact Mike Range


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