Mike Range celebrates a decade with Venn Group

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Over the last 10 years Mike has played a critical role in our success in the healthcare market. The specialist knowledge and experience he gained during this time is now utilised in his role as project lead on all our healthcare contracts. Which includes our outstanding achievements on the CCS framework.

We asked Mike about his decade at Venn Group and what makes him tick.

1.            Biggest achievement at Venn Group so far?

Two that stand out are setting up the very successful Healthcare Informatics team in London and promoting several consultants I’d hired to Manager. The next one would be the top-notch Polar Bear Chariot Adam Britton, Steve Hands, Steve Maxwell and I also made for the 2016 Xmas party.

2.            Favourite anecdote of your time at Venn Group so far?

The best ones aren’t suitable for sharing!

3.            Top tip to make it to 10 years?

Keep pushing yourself to know, and offer, more then you did last quarter.

4.            What would be your last meal if you had to choose?

Prawn Cocktail. Beef Wellington. Tiramisu. Tin of Apple Tango.

Nailed it.

5.            What is a song that you will never stop playing?

Piano Man – Billy Joel

6.            Wine or beer?

Beer - Hawkshead Helles please.

7.            Optimist or realist?


8.            Morning routine before work?

Iced coffee, Alexa news briefing, and then take the dog out.

9.            What’s your best joke?

What do you call an alligator in a vest?

An investigator

10.          What would you tell yourself on your first day at Venn Group?

Buy shares in the Savoy Tup (RIP) and keep asking questions.

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