Abi Brown

Abi Brown

Executive Consultant


I joined Venn Group in February 2017 and was looking for a role with a lot of variety and no “set” daily routine. I enjoy working here as it offers the chance to network with a wide variety of clients and candidates, enables you to work with colleagues you also consider friends and provides you with the ability to earn matching the effort you put into your work.

I work within the Commissioning and Operations market, which allows me an insight to the broad-range of projects the NHS develops to make positive and necessary changes to the care-pathways a lot of us take for granted; from your first appointment with a GP to how quick you are seen within a hospital, as well as the mental health and community services on offer to support any mental or physical issues we may face.

My goals within the company are to climb more ladders and progress along our promotion structure to reach a top-billing level, and to continue to build on current and new relationships with valued clients to support the NHS and private healthcare markets in making positive changes for our health.