Jav Ahmed

Jav Ahmed

Senior Consultant


​I joined Venn Group in August 2019 after studying Law, with no previous sales experience, Venn Group and specifically my team have been incredibly supportive.

The Pathways & Milestones programme provides a clear framework for me to work towards and enables me to track my success, knowing what is expected of me in a professional capacity.

Outside of work (as well as in work), I am incredibly passionate about mental health awareness and suicide prevention. I'm currently a trained ‘Listening Volunteer’ with The Listening Place, which is a suicide prevention charity. We regularly provide face to face appointments on a bi-weekly basis with people suffering from severe mental health issues and suicidal ideation in which they can discuss their feelings within a purely confidential and ‘safe space’.

 I am also keen to raise more awareness within the workplace about mental health issues and Venn Group actively encourages employees of all levels to engage with and share their passions.