Sarah Onions

Sarah Onions



I joined Venn Group back in 2012. I honestly hadn’t considered recruitment as a career until that point but interviewed to see what it was all about; I loved it and started. Within months I saw a stable and exciting career path in front of me.

Venn Group have always echoed my own beliefs that cohesive working and team success go hand in hand. Our internal structure completely disregards hierarchy for vanity’s sake, which showed me that progression was really attainable.

I now manage a Public Sector and a Private Sector Finance team, and I really enjoy those tough roles that keep you on your toes and that add significant value to the organisation you are partnering with.

Watching my team engage with new clients and build strong relationships with candidates is a great feeling. Like me they have a clear career path in front of them and my motivation comes from helping them be as successful as possible, whilst continuing to support our candidates and clients.