Tom Wilkinson

Tom Wilkinson



​I joined Venn Group in September 2016 after studying law for 3 years and carrying out a further year to obtain my LLM and LPC. After the 4 years I realised the legal path was not for me and thought I would try something entirely different. I joined Venn Group with little knowledge of recruitment, but the company helped me to settle in straight away and offered an excellent training course to teach me the core skills needed.

Since joining, I have always worked with the public sector, in particular with the NHS and Universities. After 6 months I started to specialise in the Estates and Facilities sector, utilising a lot of already existing relationships and creating new ones, I now manage the team and together we have developed into one of the leading Estates and Facilities agency providers in the Midlands. We work with most Universities and NHS Trusts and have branched into sectors that now encompass Environmental, Energy and Sustainability Management, Health & Safety and more.

As a team we are still looking to grow further and want to ensure we are adapting to the ever-changing market and thanks to Venn Group I have the tools to do this.