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Employability Workshops

Four diverse people standing in a line having attended a workshop

For two decades, Venn Group consultants have placed tens of thousands of skilled professionals into exciting new opportunities. Through this experience, we have a vast collective understanding of what makes someone an appealing prospective employee.

While our ability to impart this knowledge to our candidates is paramount to ensuring they have the best chance possible of securing a new role, we don’t just fill jobs; our purpose is to create a positive impact. To increase our added value, we offer workshops and webinars on all things employability for our clients’ stakeholders, as part of our ‘Empowering Employment’ initiative.

The benefits of these workshops are tried and tested, having held a number with various local government and social enterprise clients including London Borough of Waltham Forest, Westminster Adult Education Service, Southwark Works and Volunteer Centre Camden.

Not only are these workshops focused on equipping people with practical skills they can transfer to their job search – such as interview and CV writing tips – but a large part of the benefit is instilling confidence.

Our London consultants, Jade Gorrod and Nicole Gradon saw the impact of these sessions, when the below comments were fed back from Southwark Works.

Thank you for inviting me to this morning CV workshop, I honestly thought it was useful to apply in the future. - Mohammed M

The workshop was very useful and I like the STAR technique, my downfall is that I'm not very good at selling myself it doesn't come naturally so it becomes awkward! But I will try to rehearse some of the things I want to say like you suggested.

I worked in a primary school for the last 7 years and worked at gap for 10 years before that, so it's been a long time since I had an interview not looking forward to it but feel a little more prepared after the meeting earlier so thank you for that i think i  try my luck with registering with an agency for supply work in the interim. - Karen Choudhury.

I have learnt a lot in the interview techniques, especially developing self confidence and selling yourself with a relax mind, position, appearance and presentation of your CV. I appreciate the presenters, their message was clear and educative. I thank you all. - Isata Kamara