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Empowering Employment

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The London Borough of Waltham Forest was looking to build the employability skills of young people in the area through its Cultural Leadership Programme.

As part of our Empowering Employment initiative, our Training Manager, held a workshop on personal branding in the job application process, to equip the young people with the skills and confidence to succeed in their career aspirations.

Priorities supported

  • 16 attendees from diverse backgrounds would be attending, with a two hour time slot to guide them on the importance of personal brand in job applications

  • Experience in the recruitment industry was beneficial to give real-world insight to the attendees on what hiring managers were looking for

  • Enhanced understanding of CVs and applications needed to show young people how to appropriately incorporate personal brand messaging into their supporting documents and professional online presence (e.g. LinkedIn)

  • An ability to inspire confidence is paramount when working with young people, especially those who may have encountered setbacks in their job search so far

Experience applied

  • Years of experience was provided by our consultant who has recruited to a variety of roles and supported 1000s of candidates in their careers.

  • Bespoke resources were created to fit the brief of the workshop and the demographic of attendees. These included exercise books, slide decks and challenging tasks throughout the session


  • Attendees left the session with clarity over their personal brand, and have since incorporated this into their applications and professional online presence

  • They also benefitted from speaking to someone with such extensive experience working in the recruitment industry, who could give real insight into what they needed to succeed in their job searches

  • These workshops instil confidence in young people that they are more than capable of securing the employment opportunities they are striving towards