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Birmingham St Mary's Hospice

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Our partnership with St Mary’s Hospice began 2015. Our consultant Leanne sadly passed away the January of that year and the hospice provided her end of life care. 

We continue to support this amazing organisation in honour of Leanne and the great work they do. Over the years we have locked up bosses, run half marathons, cycled coast to coast, boxed, decorated the hospice and run 10km to raise money .

Our relationship with St Mary’s is really important to us and the entire office remain committed to their cause.

“The work that they do is absolutely vital to the families and loved ones of the people they care for. If we can help those in that unimaginable situation even just a little then we should try. In a year where we have all been touched by loss and sadness this feels more important now than ever before.”

Thomas Brown, Senior Manager, Birmingham

“Venn Group have been supporters of Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice for a number of years now, and every single year they make a huge difference. Whether they are throwing one of their Manager’s into ‘jail’, creating beautiful Christmas wreaths or flipping pancakes they always do it with enthusiasm and show that they really care for the Hospice and believe in what we do. We are privileged to have support from such a wonderful office in Birmingham and truly look forward to the times where we are able to work alongside and collaborate with them. The question to ask now is – what’s next?”

Abigail Coulson, Corporate Partnerships Coordinator, Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice