What you can expect

Preparation: We will prepare you thoroughly. We brief you clearly about the assignment, what the employer expects you to deliver and how they will structure the interview.

Efficiency: As the employers we work with will confirm, we know how important it is for you (and them) to make best use of your precious time. We'll only introduce you where you can realistically expect to work together.

Communication: Of course, you will want to know what's going on at each stage of the process. That's why we give you a dedicated consultant contact - one person who looks after you throughout your placement. Unlike many other recruiters, we also keep in touch with you afterwards, as we recognise your job is never 'done'; introducing you to your next job is just one part of working with you.  


What we expect

Participation: Work with us as we help prepare you for interview, we want you to be as knowledgeable, excited and committed to your next assignment as we are.

Documentation: Every candidate we present to each employer is qualified and eligible for the role - we've checked. As the UK's largest supplier of specialist contract and interim staff, we take our responsibility very seriously - just as you would expect us to - so we expect you to give us any compliance paperwork we need to verify this. 

Communication:  We are committed to keeping in touch with you, but this also needs you to keep a line open to hear from us. All we ask is for you to make sure you give us a little time to work together with you to bring you the opportunity that's best for you.