Senior Principal Consultant

Dan Ashcroft

Dan Ashcroft; Construction, Rail and Engineering recruiter

"It started with a Super Mario onesie. I had been teaching English in Spain for 4 years and moved back not knowing what I wanted to do. A friend recommended recruitment and that is how I came to Venn Group. 

My first day was charity day and I was given the onesie to wear. So that was a nice initiation but actually it helped as there was no ice left to break. I have always worked in the same engineering team and have been lucky enough to work with Alex, Stan and Cathy whose approaches are really open and four years on we all know how each other work.  Alex as my direct line has been really easy to work with and always put my needs first. I have learnt to just keep doing the basics well and not move away from the structure you know. It can be easy at times to go chasing after things but if you work hard enough and stick to the principles you are on to a winner. 

The experience around me has meant I have never felt that I have to deal with everything myself and if something doesn’t go to plan as long as you are open and honest there is always a way of dealing with it. Learning from mistakes and analysing  what I would do in the future that would stop the situation from happening again means I am always confident that if I keep doing things right, people will come back to me and good times will come. 

For the future I want my team to keep building and moving up to the next level, I always strive to keep improving and feel that I am contributing to ensure I am doing the best I can. Personally having added my son, Luca to the family last year providing for my family is a real driver for me and the 4 months I had in lock down was a very special time for me, being able to see his early development and also further my career as I have had three promotions throughout 2020 which is pretty mad when it has been such a mad time."