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Holly Stafford

Recruiter smiles at camera talking about team dynamic

I was drawn to Venn Group when I heard about its friendly work environment. I wouldn’t do well in an unsupportive environment, so I’ve been very lucky with the people I work alongside! If ever I have a question, I can ask anyone on my team and everyone has time for me.

I’ve really grown in confidence through the training. We started with the bare bones of recruitment which was unchartered territory for me. I’m quite phone shy so I was very nervous calling candidates to begin with, but now it’s one of my favourite parts of the job! It’s a great balance of classroom and on-the-job training; you’ll be given the basics but then you learn the most through applying it. At first I was very caught up in wanting a script, but was promised with practice I would develop natural conversations and build relationships. It was true.

My managers have been really patient, starting us off slowly and regularly checking in. I love that you are responsible for your own work; you have to take pride in it and be organised. I particularly enjoy recruiting for the communications market, I get very excited about the roles and finding the right person for them– the comms candidates are a joy to speak to.

I’ve even had great support outside of the role. I moved here just before I started the job, and within a couple of weeks I had to move out of my flat. My manager was very helpful in finding contacts for me and offering time off for viewings. I had no idea I’d receive this level of support before I started, and I’m so glad I joined.