Leo Steeden Promotion

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Congratulations to Leo Steeden, who has been promoted to Principal Consultant. After a decade at Venn Group, Leo is only the second consultant in Venn Group to achieve this milestone promotion, and the first within our Midlands office. We asked Leo and his Associate Director, Greg Jones for comment on this fantastic achievement:


“A huge congratulations to Leo on his promotion to Principal Consultant. This monumental achievement is testament to his hard work and dedication. His wide-ranging knowledge and passion for the Healthcare sector has been key in the strong relationships he has developed since he transferred to the Midlands Office in May 2014. Well done – this is thoroughly deserved.”

Greg Jones – Associate Director


"I am extremely proud to have achieved my promotion to Principal Consultant.  It is particularly pleasing, as I am the first consultant to reach this milestone in the Midlands and only the second to do so nationally throughout Venn Group! 

Throughout the years I have remained immensely passionate about the NHS and the role of health and social care societally, politically and economically.  Although I have had the chance to recruit within a number of disciplines and markets historically, it has been hugely enjoyable shaping the most prosperous part of my Venn Group career specialising in this field.  I look forward to further successes in our ever-changing healthcare landscape!   

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both my current and former senior management most sincerely – notably Greg, James & Avtar – as well as all the team colleagues I have now and have had along the way.  Without their unwavering support, I am positive I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what I have presently."

Leo Steeden

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