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What is important to you?

This is the first question we ask our candidates. We know what we do affects you and recognise the trust placed in us.

We’ll learn what’s important to you and find out what sets you apart and makes you tick. We’ll advise you, support you and share with you the best of our insight to bring about positive outcomes. It’s a partnership and we’ll be there for as long as you need us.

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Partner with us

With a broad and diverse client base across the UK, we connect you with opportunity and we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

New and existing candidates come to us to when they need a new challenge or role. From the first step, we share responsibility for your outcomes.

We’ll listen and ask questions to ensure we are informed and accurate in our representation of you. As different markets ask for various kinds of background checks, we start the process here to limit any delay.

We may well already have positions to discuss with you. If not, we will suggest how we can take you to market and set a timetable for keeping in contact as we move ahead.

When your application goes forward we will be there beside you to share our detailed knowledge of our clients and their interview format, giving you the best chance of success.

We stick by your side all through the placement and afterwards. Commencement of contract is just the start of a successful process, so we will be there to listen and advise throughout.

Together we will review our service and apply learning to ensure we remain an effective and valuable resource to you.

What our partners say about us

"​Venn Group provided an exceptional service from start to finish and ensured I was supported every step of the way."

​Aug 2023

F Bello

OD Coordinator

"The process from start to finish was non-stressful, very informative, polite and professional. I would highly recommend the service from Venn Group."

​Aug 2023

S Garner

Site Manager

"​Venn Group have been absolutely fantastic from start to finish. I can't thank them enough for their hard work, professionalism and friendliness."

​Aug 2023

E Walsh

Communications Manager

"​What a great experience it has been. Communication has been excellent and organisation outstanding. Everything ran like clockwork."

​June 2023

D Pearlman

Senior Contracts Manager

"​Until recently I had never heard about Venn Group, but my experience was amazing before, during and after my search for a job (which I was successful in)"

​Aug 2023

I Agrela

Maintenance Assistant

"​Professional, transparent and reliable."

​Aug 2023

I Dad

Principal Housing Litigation Legal Assistant

"Venn Group provided me with clear and sound advice during my transition from permanent to Locum work, being both patient and reassuring."

​Sep 23

L Greene

Locum Planning Lawyer

"​There aren't many as helpful, kind and proactive as Venn Group."

​Sep 2023

F Read

Site Supervisor

"I felt reassured and confident that I was being supported in every possible way to achieve positive results ."

​June 2023

K Gilks

Mental Health Crisis Worker

"Venn Group ​went above and beyond by calling me regularly and keeping me updated with everything that was going on and prepping me for my interviews."

​Sep 2023

M Avais

Accounts Payable Analyst

"​Attentive, friendly, determined and effective - Venn Group delivers the dream!"

​Sep 2023

S Doerfel

Adult Social Care Locum

"​As a recent university graduate trying to understand the job market, Venn Group's advice and support has been invaluable in helping me kickstart my career."

​July 2023

B Gurung

Recovery Worker

"​Excellent experience with Venn Group, their expertise and attention to detail helped me to navigate a new and complicated work world."

​May 2023

J Morris

Senior Quality Manager

"Venn Group secured me new employment within 24 hours of a phone call letting them know I was looking for a new employment. "

​May 2023

J Hadfield

Health & Safety Advisor

"​Everything is exactly as it should be. Good communication and information and easy payroll."

​May 2023

N Busby

Estates Manager

"​...always responding promptly, providing accurate information, doing what they said they would do and making every effort to assist when required."

​May 2023

A Savage

HR Business Partner

"​One cannot ask more of an agency or agent. All in all a great experience as the etiquette and approach of the agent made it all so simple."

​Mar 2023

O Sobowale

Property & Contracts Lawyer

"​Working with Venn group was smooth and straightforward. I would recommend this agency as they are very professional and deliver on what they offer. "

​Mar 2023

M Field

Supported Housing Officer

"​I worked through Venn Group for just over a year, and I fully recommend them. They've been professional throughout."

​Mar 2023

D Lord

Construction Engineering Management

"​Venn have been very professional and I have enjoyed being part of them. I have never been in any doubt and they have always put my interests first."

​Feb 2023

M Kalsi

HR Recruitment Officer

"Venn Group's communication was timely and reliable from the start and they helped me to feel supported throughout every area of recruitment process (cv submission, pay, annual leave, sickness)."

​Feb 2023

A McClelland

Personal Wellbeing Coach

"​Venn Group are incredible, they found me a job so quickly and were extremely supportive throughout the whole process... the whole team are polite, attentive and very proactive."

​Feb 2023

O Ogunfile

Recruitment Administrator

"​I couldn't have chosen a better recruiter! Venn Group has provided me with a brilliant and exceptional service from the first time I contacted them."

​Jan 2023

S Abu

Senior HR Advisor

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