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Key Information Documents

Regulation 13A of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (the ‘Conduct Regulations’) introduces the requirement to provide a Key Information Document (KID) for agency workers.

These Key Information Documents are intended to improve the transparency of information to you, particularly around pay. They will give more immediate access to key pay related information before you agree terms and a clear idea of how any fees and deductions will affect your take-home pay.

All our KIDs include a representative example statement to demonstrate how the listed deductions will be made to a rate of pay. These figures are just an estimate and do not reflect the specific rate of pay that will be received by you; they do however demonstrate a realistic reflection of how deductions will be made. 

Venn Group has multiple ways of paying an agency worker and we are providing you with the Key Information Documents corresponding to all the payment methods that are available through us. 

Please chose the payment method through which you will be engaging with us and click on the relevant link to view the Key Information Document. 

Pay as you earn


Personal Services Company (Ltd) 

We may engage you via your Personal Services Company, in which case the situation is then regulated by IR35 rules. You might not be able to operate outside IR35 if your assignment is within the public sector organisation. Please view the relevant KID. 

PSC inside IR35

PSC outside IR35

Umbrella Companies

We may engage you via one of our preferred/approved umbrella service providers. If you prefer to use an umbrella company that has not been approved by Venn Group, please inform your consultant, so that relevant Key Information Document can be generated.  The company will be required to undergo Venn Group’s compliance checks and to hold FCSA Accreditation. 

Please note, that information documents have been prepared based on the information received from the Umbrella companies. If you require more information please contact the Umbrella companies directly. 

Amaze Umbrella


Carrington Umbrella Limited

Champion Contract Services

Churchillknight Umbrella

Clarity Umbrella

Contractor Umbrella

Crest Plus



Exact Payroll Limited

ForeTwo Group Limited


Global Challenge Umbrella Service

ICS Umbrella Ltd

Liquid Friday

My Pay


NumberMill Limited



Sapphire DNP

SG Umbrella Limited

Umbrella Company UK



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