Happy Father's Day

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Today is a time to show our appreciation for the male role models in our lives and the guidance they give us.

To celebrate this, we asked some of Venn Group’s recent fathers for the advice they will pass on to their children:


“The advice that I would give is something fairly simple that I have learned through becoming a father; to not waste time worrying about the future and things that might happen. When I found out we were having twins I hit the deck and nearly took out the Christmas tree on the way down (true story!) and spent the next 30 weeks crippled by anxiety about how we’d cope with two at once.

However, what I’ve found over the last year is that although it is challenging at times, everything has just fallen into place, and being a dad to twins is the most amazing and fulfilling thing I’ve ever done! This applies to most things in life and I think it’s common for people to waste time and energy being preoccupied with the future, worrying about what might happen. Then when the time comes, it all works out a lot better than expected. Focus on one day at a time, live in the now, and trust that whatever happens, it will all work out in the end.”

Thomas Madderson – Central & East


“My fatherly advice would be to get your money in to property as soon as you can.”

Kieran Middleton – North East


“I have two pieces of advice for people having kids. Firstly, the baby carrier wrap is so underrated, legit the best thing to own if your busy! Secondly, bribing your older child with chocolate to behave, isn’t a bad thing.”

My advice to my own kids would be enjoy and make the best out of their younger years, and to try your absolute hardest at everything.

Also, no boyfriends. Ever. Period.

Mike Rolls – Thames Valley


“I would advise my children to be inquisitive, ask questions, form their own opinions and don’t latch onto the views of others.”

Ryan Rainey – North West


“My son was born almost exactly 6 months ago; he is a beautiful, happy, excitable boy and more amazing than I could ever have dreamed. Having lost my own father a few years ago, this Father’s Day brings up a complex and almost overwhelming set of emotions.

I look forward to sharing with him that acknowledging your feelings, accepting that you won’t always understand them and having the patience and motivation to work with, around or through them is the best and often the hardest thing you can learn.”

Ben Browning – London


“My advice to my daughter would be to ask questions, listen to people and do everything that you love. Also - UP THE VILLA!

On another note, I would advise any other new fathers to not listen to anybody else. Nobody can prepare you for how hard it is to be a parent for the first time, and nobody can prepare you for how much love you will feel for that child; it’s a different kind of love that is amazing. People love to tell you how to look after your child, but the truth is everyone is just making it up as they go along. Follow your instincts and everything will be great.”

Simon Gregory – Midlands

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