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​A thank you from Venn Group

Posted on March 2021

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A year ago, today we entered national lockdown. It has been a year of challenge where an entire population has had to adapt and learn to live, work and exist in a new way.

We would like to mark this anniversary with reflection and thanks.

Firstly thanking all our clients and candidates who have supported and partnered with us over the last year, we are privileged you chose us.

Secondly to appreciate how our employees have risen to and overcome the tests of the year, finding new ways to support each other and our stakeholders.

And finally, to all the public service workers and scientists who have been the superheroes of our year. Thank you.

Let’s all take a minute today to reflect on our collective loss and to thank the people and communities who have helped us through the worst of times. After a long year we can begin to look forward to a brighter future.