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IWD- Rising to the challenge of the last year

Posted on March 2021

A womens eye close up

To continue our marking of International Women’s Day we spoke to women at Venn Group about what they have learnt in the year that no one was expecting and how they made it work.

Appreciation and reflection

The sheer scale of this crisis gave everyone pause and perspective. It was the basic needs that resonated; a home, a job, your health and love, the added trapping we had become so accustomed to fell away. It allowed us all to appreciate the things we have more than ever.

“I realised that lamenting the current state of affairs would not help. I stopped, I took a breath, and began to list the things that I could control and be thankful for”.

Jade Gorrod

Structure and controlling what you can

Continuing to work from home has been an absolute blessing to many, giving structure and routine that many didn’t realise they needed so much. Having a daily regime including scheduled work and personal tasks gave shape to endless days. Making the bed, a yoga session, a daily walk became a little win and the lack of control we all had over the last year drove personal growth for many.

“2020 has made me understand that you can’t control every situation, but you can control how you react to it and how you choose to think about it”.

Philippa Stoate

Mental health and the importance of personal connection

After the initial novelty of working from home full time had passed, some found themselves struggling and quickly realised that they needed a way to stay sane. This was found in the support system of family, colleagues and friends. Communication in the virtual meant that distances were shortened and relationships were strengthened as contact become more regular and more conscious.

“I have been in awe of the continued support we have all been giving each other over the last 12 months”.

Adriana Patel

Joy from simplicity

Suddenly we had the gift of time. Avid readers were able to read books they may not have considered reading before. Cooking a meal became a creative process rather than exercise in speed and home improvements and DIY were completed.

“One thing I will not forget how to do is to make the little things count: To stop. To breathe. To be thankful.”  

Jade Gorrod


Some final thoughts

“There are many things to look back on and think what we missed out on but take comfort in remembering the opportunities that would otherwise not have been.”

“I have certainly learnt to appreciate everyone around me more than I had ever before! To all those women, I thank you!”

“Zoom quizzes need be left in the past”

Thank you to everyone who contributed and for your open reflection.