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Case study: Supporting the response

Posted on April 2021

Lateral flow test

​Supporting the COVID-19 response in staffing Lambeth’s Lateral Flow Testing sites.

We worked closely with London Borough of Lambeth’s Commissioning and Public Health teams to align objectives and deliver an effective resourcing solution in extremely tight timeframes, to ensure the rapid roll out of essential test sites across the borough.

Priorities supported

The increased infection rates in London and the South East demanded an urgent service to monitor the behaviour of the virus and control outbreaks locally. London Borough of Lambeth’s response was to establish three local testing centres to conduct Lateral Flow Testing in the community. We were asked to fulfil the staffing requirement of this project which called for 25 people to be working across three different testing sites, covering a 6-day working week.

Experience applied

We appointed a project lead who defined a response that focused on the key components of success: reliability, compliance and clarity of rostering. The collaborative infrastructure of Venn Group provided the lead with the support of a recruitment specialist team that were committed to ensuring the efficient fulfilment of this important service and project.

Once the team was in place, we continued our support by monitoring attendance, ensuring clarity of rostering and sharing the responsibility of success. This required a very hands on approach due to the challenging and changeable nature of the staffing and testing requirements. As a result of the hard work and demonstrable success in the project, Venn Group were retained to support surge door-to-door testing and the expansion of community testing sites from three to six.

“We reached a new landmark of 25,000 LFD tests in the Borough and we couldn’t have done it without Venn Group. We are delighted with the quality of service and hard work we have received; they have been great to work with and very accommodating with the last-minute changes which are inevitable in this type of project.”

Programme Lead – Lateral Flow Device Testing

Key deliverables & data:

  • Shortlisting and selection of every candidate

  • 100% CCG and Council compliance

  • Onboarding to test site protocols

  • Allocation of resources and shifts

  • 25 positions filled

  • 7 days from award to team implementation

  • Initially 3 sites supported, increasing to 6

  • Venn Group response team of 7

  • Project team awarded hourly rate uplift after one week in recognition of their flexibility and work rate