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Ace that interview webinars

Posted on May 2021

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Last week in partnership with Young Women’s Trust, Southwark Works and Comensura our consultants hosted two webinars delivering advice and guidance on how to prepare for and ace a job interview.

With over 75 attendees we delivered accessible advice and an easy to follow post event toolkit. Tailored to pre event requests and questions the areas we addressed included how to sell yourself without overselling, broaching skills gaps, getting in the right mindset, essential preparation and answering techniques

The Young Women’s Trust webinar was Tom Hoult’s first webinar delivery under our Empowering Employment Initiative and being a volunteer for the charity he was pleased to be able to contribute further.

“I started working with the trust at the start of this year by providing support through their ‘Work It Out’ service. This has been something that I’ve found really rewarding as it allowed me to see first-hand the difference that Young Women’s Trust makes, so when I was approached about the possibility of supporting on the ‘Ace That Interview’ webinar I didn’t have to think twice.

The session itself was structured in a way that ensured it was relevant and helpful to people of all backgrounds and sectors; I was really pleased to hear that so many of those that attended found the content useful and hope that it assists them in achieving their future ambitions.”

Tom Hoult, Principal Consultant

As Tom alludes to above we received great feedback from attendees and look forward to our next webinars with these organisations.

If you would like to find out more about our initiative and how we can help your organisation with employment skills please contact