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Luke Grant Promotion

Posted on July 2021

Legal Locum Recruitment Specialist Luke smiles at camera
Congratulations Luke Grant on your promotion to Senior Manager of the Midlands Private Practice Legal Division. To celebrate his promotion we’ve profiled his career and recent success.

An Opportunity to Grow

I joined Venn Group’s West Midlands finance division in 2013 after a short stint in accountancy. I could not have asked for a better, more supportive introduction to the world of recruitment and it’s really pleasing to say that my team mates at the time, Sarah Onions, James Feeney and I, have all progressed together at Venn Group. In 2015 I founded our Midlands Senior Finance Division which James and I grew, before being promoted to Manager in 2016. I was and still am very proud of what we grew together, the strong unit we became, the clients we worked with and the staff we were able to develop and ultimately promote.

Moving to our legal division in 2018 was a big change in my career; finance was all I had known and although recruitment is in theory the same, each market is unique and going back to basics was the best way forward. Legal so far has been a welcome, exciting and rewarding challenge. I had the privilege of joining an established market with highly knowledgeable consultants who have done an excellent job of showing me the ropes.

Success in a Pandemic

As with all industries, there has been change and a lot of challenges over the last 12-18 months. I am fortunate to be surrounded by dedicated, motivated and supportive individuals who have all dug deep and stepped up to the plate when necessary to support our candidates, clients and each other through an uncertain period.

I believe we are fortunate that this period has also given us the opportunity to re-evaluate our methods, priorities and values. This period has brought us closer together and made us stronger as a group, so that we are working collectively towards one another’s success with more vigour than ever.

Pivotal Moments

The most poignant moments in my Venn Group career so far have been seeing the success of those around me. Most notably, working closely with three of my staff to achieve their own promotions into management positions and seeing the subsequent successes they have had.

Personally, my initial promotion to management was a real testament to the growth and success of our division and the investment placed in me. This achievement and the subsequent celebrations will be long etched into my memory!


Emma Walker his Associate Director who has worked with Luke throughout his career said “I am delighted to see Luke Grant achieve his promotion to Senior Manager of the Private Practice Legal Division here in our Birmingham office. Having worked with Luke for over 8 years, Luke is a dedicated, hardworking member of our management team who is committed to his work and the development of others around him. He is a great mentor and leader, having developed multiple teams across the private sector during his career, to include Finance and more recently Legal. He thoroughly deserves this promotion, well done Luke and thank you for all your hard work and support.”

Congratulations Luke from everyone at Venn Group​