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​MK Foodbank - Sowing the seeds of love

Posted on November 2021

Woman beside a food bank van and four young people outside foodbank building
Volunteering at Venn Group is an important part of our social value commitment. We want to impact the communities in which work not only by empowering employment through our partnered outreach programmes, but also by giving our physical time and support. Every year we commit to 600 days of volunteering leave for our employees to use in charitable and outreach work.

Charley Payne, a consultant in the Milton Keynes office, first volunteered at MK foodbank and seeing their great work facilitated more Venn Group volunteers. This week Kara Du, Jav Ahmed, Ross Imrie, Tiana Thomas and Jennifer MacMillan worked at this busy bank sorting deliveries. They will be returning for a fundraiser and we look forward to continuing our support.

Kara Du used to volunteer for a homeless charity called “Rhythm of Life” and after starting her career with us didn’t have the time to spare to give back to the community so this was amazing opportunity for her to do something she is passionate about. As she says “ A small difference can create an everlasting impact on someone’s life”

Thank you to MK Food bank for the warm welcome.