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Tom Wilkinson Promotion

Posted on November 2021

Man in grey shirt smiling for camera
Following Tom’s promotion to Principal Consultant we discussed his career and motivations.

What is this promotion testament to?

In this job there is always something you can improve on and it’s about having the people around you who can identify this and help you to be better on a daily basis. If you have this and get a bit of luck along the way, then you can achieve anything.


​Do you have a principle you live by?

Try to put every setback in to perspective. It could always be worse.


What’s the difference between a good consultant and a great consultant?

The hunger to improve and willingness to learn.


You specialise in Estates and Facilities, what do you enjoy about this market?

The people!  Both clients and candidates are down to earth and brutally honest. This means you always know where you stand.


Best bit of advice in life or work?

“It isn’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” Rocky Balboa


​What drives you?

Knowing that my job helps people find employment within rewarding sectors, such as the NHS or Universities.  If I do my job well, then recruitment becomes a much more enjoyable process and I can make peoples life’s a little bit easier


And finally from Fabian Liladhar, Tom’s Manager

“Tom’s promotion to Principal Consultant is testament to the hard work and dedication he has shown over the last five years. He continuously goes above and beyond to provide his candidates and clients with the best possible service, as a result he has built numerous trusted and valued relationships along the way. Alongside this he continuously contributes toward the development of his team and Consultants, epitomising Venn Group’s values of team-based ways of working. Well done Tom on this fantastic achievement!”