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UK Disability History Month

Posted on November 2021

Info graphic on hidden impairment and relationship and sex for UK Disability history month

Today is the start of UK Disability History Month, and this year the focus is on two enduring stereotypes that continue to make the lives and inclusion of disabled people more difficult.

The first is hidden impairments, recognising the judgement individuals face if their disability is not seen. A huge number of people have these disabilities falling within sensory, developmental, learning, mental, physical and progressive, and their invisibility invites opinion and prejudice.

The second is relationships and sex, highlighting the historical abuse disabled people suffered by being denied a right to family life, children and relationships.

Both of these issues hugely limit the lives of disabled people and this month we will be highlighting and educating our employees on some of the hidden impairments individuals have and how they impact their lives, as well as celebrating the massive contribution disabled people have made to society.

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