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Bethan Jackson-Jones Promotion

Posted on December 2021

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Congratulations to Bethan Jackson-Jones on her promotion to Principal Consultant.

We spoke to Bethan about this fantastic achievement.


What is this promotion testament to?
A supportive team, good management, and a lot of hard work.

Do you have a principle you live by?
“It is what it is” – I don’t think there’s any point in getting bogged down with things that have gone wrong. It is what it is, have your 2 minutes of frustration, pick yourself up and crack on.

Why do you work at Venn Group?
Venn Group creates an environment that manages to push me to achieve my individual milestones, whilst also encouraging teamwork and a strong sense of support. Plus – I love a Fizzy Friday, and my team aren’t half bad too!


What’s the difference between a good consultant and a great consultant?
A well laid out jobs sheet/task list, and a pink highlighter.


You specialise in Corporate Functions, what do you enjoy about this market?
I really enjoy working with public sector organisations, it makes me feel like I’m contributing to society. Plus, I find with Corporate Functions roles, there’s so much variety, so I’m always kept on my toes.


​What drives you?
The team would say that it’s only child syndrome, but I just always want to be the best at what I do!


And finally, from her management team:


“Beth’s continued effort and drive has enabled her to reach this fantastic achievement. She has impressively increased her level of business across a number of key organisations, creating further awareness of the Venn Group brand with clients and candidates alike. Moreover, whilst focusing on her own billing, Beth has been instrumental in supporting new members of the team, with both finding their feet and getting their own billing off the ground. On top of this, Beth has also helped other Consultants across the office in their promotion of vacancies via LinkedIn and she has recently become a member of Venn Group’s expanding Social Value team. Well done Beth on such a phenomenal achievement, I’m super proud of you and look forward to seeing what’s next!”

Lynne Nicoll, Senior Manager

“In the nearly 6 years Beth has worked in the Manchester office she has embraced our team ethos but also focused on growing her market knowledge along with building excellent client and candidate relationships. This dedicated approach has enabled her to continue increasing her billing consistently which has resulted in her fantastic promotion to Principle Consultant. Beth brings more than just billing to the team; she also brings an open and enthusiastic attitude which helps motivate her team and the wider office. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment it is appreciated by myself and all your colleagues in the office.”

Ross Gilder, Director