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Andrew Quinn Promotion

Posted on January 2022

Man in front of promotion graphic

Congratulations to Andrew Quinn on his promotion to Manager of the NHS Finance team.

We spoke to Andrew about his career and motivations.


What have been some significant moments and milestones on your Venn Group journey?

I went on a celebration lunch when I was very new to Venn Group; I didn’t really know anyone outside of the London office beforehand and meeting people from all over the UK left a significant impression about the diversity and reach of the company. I’m also proud of keeping a team together through the pandemic and reaching the other side in a very strong place.


What activities or causes are most important to you outside of recruiting?

I’ve been involved in the CV service with the Young Women’s Trust, and I’ve felt a lot of gratitude from the individuals we’ve helped and the charity themselves. It’s been a rewarding experience because there was a tangible result and gain for them and for myself. I’m also very into sports, with cricket being one that I play the most. We had a Venn Group netball team which we ran for two and half years. It was a great platform to get to know people you might not otherwise rub shoulders with, and we’re looking to get that started up again.


What lessons have you valued from your management team?

One lesson I’ve valued the most is making sure you’re very open to listening to others and you’re conscious of different perspectives and methods; that’s something that I’ve experienced with all of the managers I’ve worked with. I want to make sure my team are comfortable to bring something to me and make our meetings an open forum to bounce ideas off each other and come to the right solution. Simon Hardy, my Associate Director, is a huge advocate of believing in your team’s skillset and giving them the tools and training to succeed for themselves so you don’t need to micromanage them.


What would success as a manager look like to you?

There are the tangibles such as income, temp numbers and other KPIs, but alongside that I want to be overseeing a team that are content in their jobs and pulling in the right direction. I want to make sure the team are there for the long haul and committed to the longer term goals rather than joining to make some money and move on. Success as a manager would be knowing my team are happy to come together, work as a team, get results, and enjoy the job we do along the way.


We also heard from the management team who have supported Andrew over his career:


“Andrew has guided his team through a challenging period with distinction, and in doing so developed a talented team around him. Equally important, he has matured his own leadership style to ensure he is both well-liked and respected. I am confident 2022 will be another successful year for Andrew, due to his talent, hard work and commitment. Once again, I would like to congratulate Andrew on his achievements to date and his promotion to Manager. I’m sure the best is yet to come!”

Simon Hardy, Associate Director


“Andrew is a hugely popular member of the team. I am delighted to have promoted him to my management team and I know he will have an immediate impact. Clients and candidates rely on Andrew’s depth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector, where he has made an enviable name for himself as the go-to recruiter. This promotion further cements our position in this sector. Well done Andrew.”

Robert Bowyer, Director