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Jake Seymour Promotion

Posted on January 2022

Man in front of promotion graphic

Congratulations to Jake Seymour on his promotion to Manager of the London Financial Services team.

We spoke to Jake about his career and motivations.


What has been a significant moment in your Venn Group journey?

Before I even started with Venn Group I was invited to meet the team for an evening social. It was a real selling point for me as it showed the culture I’d be moving into; everyone was extremely welcoming and multiple people that weren’t even part of my direct team came to introduce themselves and spend a few hours with us. It was such a great start and something that has continued throughout my time at Venn Group.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I like to try out as many new experiences as I can – there are a lot of good pubs by London Bridge, so when our office moved there I was like a kid in a candy shop! I hate the idea of having a weekend where I don’t do anything. It’s a good motivation; I want to achieve and be successful so I can enjoy that life, and as those experiences have progressed from pubs in south London to skiing holidays, I’m looking forward to seeing where they go as my career develops.


What lessons have you learned at Venn Group that you will pass on?

Take on all the feedback you can and engage as much as possible. That’s both internally with colleagues who have got a lot of experience, but also making the most of conversations with clients and candidates; that can really make someone develop quickly in their career. When I first started, our team transitioned from one director to another, which meant I got to work with many different consultants and experience a range of management styles. That’s always stuck with me and is one reason I’ve achieved what I have.


What would success as a manager look like to you?

There are important goals such as supporting my team through initial placements, billing targets and promotion milestones. Even more than this, success for me would be sustaining and developing a team of consultants who are all successful in their own individual ways, and building a culture and environment where we can support and push each other.


We also heard from the management team who have supported Jake over his career:


“Jake’s hard work and natural ability has been instrumental in the growth of our Financial Services division over the last five years. He has an outstanding work ethic and can always be relied upon. I’m absolutely delighted to see him promoted to Manager which is thoroughly deserved. He leads by example and is a pleasure to work with. An excellent addition to the management team, I’m looking forward to seeing what he personally, and the talented consultants around him will achieve in 2022. Congratulations Jake!”

Tom Pugh, Senior Manager


“Jake has been an integral part of the Financial Services Business Unit over the last five years and has been instrumental in growing the business area into two successful teams. A specialist in Risk and Technology, he has personally developed excellent long-standing candidate relationships whilst time managing major multi-user clients. More recently he has progressed his leadership qualities and trained our exceptional new consultants, resulting in this thoroughly deserved promotion. 2022 is set to be a memorable year for both Jake and the team.”

Robert McLeod, Director