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Owen Davies Promotion

Posted on January 2022

Man in front of promotion graphic.

Congratulations to Owen Davies on his promotion to Manager of the London Corporate Services team.

We spoke to Owen about his career and motivations.


What have been some significant moments and milestones on your Venn Group journey?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing others grow that I’ve brought on and handpicked for my team, getting them through their probations and earning promotions. I know it sounds cliché, but the people I’ve met along the way are one of the biggest things that Venn Group has given me. What also stands out is having received four job title promotions over the past five years, most recently being promoted to manager.


What activities or causes are most important to you outside the world of recruitment?

I’m into my running, and I’ve built up to the point where I’m doing half marathons. It’s a good relaxer and a good way to keep active and fit. I’m also into my sport; I do a lot of football – but that’s more about the pub afterwards! I’ve been known to be a goal machine at netball with the Venn Group team.


What lessons have you valued from your management team?

I will always be grateful for the invaluable and continued support I have received over the years, most notably from Adam, Simon, Rob and Jocy. The lessons I have valued from my management team are hard work, patience, developing long-lasting client and candidate relationships, going above and beyond, respect for others, taking pride in what you do and helping others and offering them guidance.


What would success as a manager look like to you?

Fundamentally, improving on billing numbers year on year is an important measure. Success would also mean watching others grow around me and instilling the right values and ethos in them. For example, it’s imperative my team are hardworking, humble and polite. It would also mean watching my team grow in terms of promotions, helping them on that course to get the most out of them and making sure they’re constantly striving to be the best.


We also heard from the management team who have supported Owen over his career:


“Congratulations on your fantastic achievement, a thoroughly well-deserved promotion. Owen has been a crucial part of the success of the unit and continues to command respect amongst his peers. His positivity, can-do attitude and determination to succeed have all rubbed off on to his team which continues to go from strength to strength. His tireless work ethic coupled with an insatiable energy leaves me in no doubt that 2022 and beyond will be a massive success and I’m really excited to see where Owen can take his team, markets and career with Venn Group.”

Adam Britton, Associate Director


“I am delighted Owen is joining my management team, his addition has been eagerly anticipated for a number of months. Owen brings with him a real thirst to deliver excellence at all times, whether that is to his internal or external clients. We are very fortunate to have his talent and I look forward to working with him for many years to come; it is a very exciting time for Owen and his team. Well done Owen, thoroughly deserved.”

Robert Bowyer, Director