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Networking | How to Make Connections that Work for You

Posted on May 2022

woman thinking about making networking connections
​Networking is simply about making connections and having conversations. It is a skill everyone can use and opens opportunities to learn, build confidence and increase your visibility to potential employers.

We have outlined steps below to help you network confidently.


Be prepared

What is your aim?

Why do you want to make these connections? Your networking will always be more successful if you have thought through your goals and used them to drive your approach. This means you will be focused on growth and positive advancement of your knowledge.

Who are your ideal connections?

Who are you interested in talking to? Who can share insight on subjects of interest, the companies/industries they work in or skills to learn?

How are you looking?

Not all networking is face-to-face; these connections can be made online and there will certainly be a virtual element to your relationship building, so ensure your profiles are up to date and your activity is in line with what and where you want to be.


Where to start

Begin your conscious networking where you are most comfortable, this could be at work, at a sports club or on a social media platform. A great way to begin is to ask for help; help immediately puts you in a growth mindset and the recipient of the request in a position of trust, providing them with an opportunity to do something positive.



Every connection you make is a possibility, so always follow up. This could be a simple email or InMail, which reinforces the connection and provides you with an opportunity to thank them, remind them of any offers of help, ask another question, and importantly progress the relationship.

Networking is a long game and many connections won’t show their worth immediately, so stay patient and keep connecting.


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