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Ethan Weatherby Promotion

Posted on July 2022

Principal consultant recruiter in front of promotion graphic
Congratulations to Ethan Weatherby on his promotion to Principal Consultant in London Local Government.
We spoke to Ethan about his career with Venn Group.


I joined Venn Group three years ago, when I’d finished university, was working full time in a supermarket and wasn’t sure exactly where to go next. I didn’t have a clue what recruitment was, but when Venn Group approached me, it was a genuinely engaging conversation about what I wanted to do, the work they deliver, and how the two match up.

I’ve been working in the Local Government Transformation, Technology and Regeneration team the whole time I’ve been here, and we support local authorities in resourcing for projects and business change. I feel privileged to be working with councils; it’s a sector I find deeply interesting, and I admire the work they deliver for critical services and in supporting their residents. The people working in local authority are lovely; they’re passionate about what they do and it’s rewarding to know that the sector we support has tangible benefits.

A key motivation for me is getting to work in a brilliant team who are working to collective goals. I was still relatively new during the first lockdown, and that was a challenging period for everyone – particularly working from home for the first time, as we would usually bounce off each other and learn a lot on the desk. But the way that the team supported each other during that time was invaluable.

The key characteristic I respect in those around me, particularly in my manager, Rob, is the genuine interest in the organisations they’re working with and the people they’re finding roles for. It takes a willingness to learn about technologies and services you would never have a clue about before; to admit when you don’t know something and to then want to change that.

Recruitment’s big draw is the fast pace, you get the chance to change how you work every day. You’re not working towards one goal but a lot of smaller goals that add up, and development is a constant process that all your work feeds into, both shared and with the team.


We also heard from Ethan’s management team who have supported him throughout his career.


‘Congratulations on your promotion to Principal Consultant! Anyone who has worked with Ethan will know how detailed his knowledge of the sector is and how dedicated he is to delivering excellent results for his clients and candidates. Through this you have received excellent reviews from both candidates and clients alike and you have grown an enviable network of fruitful relationships. Well done Ethan, very much deserved.’

Robert Westbury, Senior Manager


‘I am delighted to congratulate Ethan Weatherby on his promotion to Principal Consultant on the Local Government Division. Ethan has worked extremely hard since joining Venn Group three years ago and has built up a fantastic reputation in a relatively short period of time. Ethan prides himself on having a thorough understanding of his clients' and candidates' needs, going to great lengths to ensure he provides the right solutions. This promotion reflects his efforts and is totally deserved.’

Jo Goodwill, Associate Director