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Case Study | London Borough of Croydon

Posted on October 2022

IT binary codes  and quote from London Borough of Croydon

​Delivering realistic and quantifiable recommendations to rationalise, replace and identify saving.


  • To rationalise the Council’s use of IT applications and so achieve savings at scale

  • Establish feasibility, quantify where savings could be made and over what timeframe

  • Critical assessment of how well the client’s existing applications supported its business needs and how much value was currently received from the use (or under-use) of each application’s capabilities


  • Familiarity with Local Council feasibility studies, budgets and use of technology

  • Discovery phase: We worked with the client’s internal systems (SCCM / SNOW) and team, alongside their external service desk provider, to fully document applications and licenses in use (Contracts Register and End User Applications)

  • Engagement and advisory: We engaged with all the client’s Business Areas to discuss how they used applications, brief them on options and suggest more cost-effective applications


  • Discovery report and scoping of feasibility:

    • Worked with the client to establish feasibility of structural changes, anticipated savings and timescale

    • Identified and recommended applications to rationalise or replace, and quantified cost savings

  • Recommended the client to:

    • Decommission 76 redundant applications

    • Remove the 24 applications which had been superseded by Cloud Technology

    • Implement MS Outlook secure email to replace Egress as former is already included in their licencing costs

    • Implement AutoCAD LT (reducing costs of running ‘Pro’ version)

    • Explore potential for GIS cheaper licences

  • Created resources to support client’s change management by providing a set of new, fully up-to-date:

    • Contract Register, including each contract’s cost, renewal dates, registered service owner and supplier contact

    • List of End User Apps

    • List of client’s officially Approved Applications, as resource for training each business area

"We engaged the consultancy services of Venn Group to undertake a review of all applications within the London Borough of Croydon. The output from this work has not only ensured we now have a complete inventory; it has allowed us to be able to understand where opportunities for consolidation of systems are and to plan for infrastructure requirements in a much more structured manner.

The team had good knowledge of Local Government, and how to identify opportunities that would bring real cashable savings and simplification for the management of our service."

Chief Digital Officer & Director of Resident Access, Croydon Council