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Robert Waugh Promotion

Posted on October 2022

Man with promotion graphic
Congratulations to Robert Waugh on his promotion to Manager of the Procurement team. A great addition to our management and we look forward to seeing the continued success of you and your team.


We spoke to Robert about his career and motivations.


What have been the main highlights in your Venn Group journey?

Achieving this promotion to Manager has been a significant highlight for me; it’s something I’ve been actively aiming towards as I’ve worked with Simon to develop the team. It’s been particularly rewarding to recruit new consultants and support them through probation and their first few milestones.

A lot of other highlights are the social events: charity nights, Christmas parties, and I’ve now got the Managers’ party to look forward to this year! I’ve also been part of the 5-a-side football and the netball team which have been a great way to get different people across the office together.


What lessons have you learned at Venn Group that you will pass on to your team?

There are two key lessons I’ve learned from Joe and Simon. The main one is resilience; sometimes things aren’t always going to go your way, but it’s important not to let that define your day, week or month. You can dust yourself off and move on. The other lesson is that there’s always more to be done. Once we’ve reached a target, we can celebrate what we’ve done and then look to what we can achieve next; as soon as we hit a billing figure, Simon has already adjusted our target for the year.


What would your ideal weekend look like?

I’m a big rugby fan, so most weekends I’ll either be watching the Harlequins play or playing it myself; I play both full-contact and tag rugby. I’m also lucky that a lot of my siblings live quite close to me and one of my sisters has just had twins, so I spend a lot of time with her and my nephews. My weekends basically revolve around rugby and family.


Beyond the billing and KPIs, how would you measure success as a manager?

I’d like for our team to become one of the powerhouses in the Procurement recruitment landscape in London, being well known for what we do as a brand. Now that my role has shifted to manager, my target has moved towards encouraging my consultants in developing their skills and achieving their full potential. My success is determined by my team’s achievements, and I hope to create a collaborative environment where we can fully unlock each individual’s potential.


We also heard from Robert’s management team who have supported him throughout his career:


‘Promoting Rob was an easy decision for me, his talents are immeasurable.  Rob joined me 5 years ago and over that period he has shown his resilience, ability and leadership skills. Clients, candidates and colleagues all speak about Rob in the same glowing terms, I am very proud to call him a colleague. I am excited for Rob’s future and wish him well with the next chapter of his recruitment career.’

Robert Bowyer, Director


‘I am delighted to see Rob promoted into his new role as Manager, a position in which he will continue to excel and in doing so develop all those around him. Rob is key to the success of the Business Unit, with his influence and guidance stretching well beyond his own team. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and we’re lucky to have him. I wish him continued success and look forward to sharing in his achievements over the years to come.’

Simon Hardy, Associate Director